The Chief Communications Officer Council (CCO Council) is an executive network consisting of communications leaders from top companies, trade associations and the non-profit world. The CCO Council brings together leading communications professionals from a wide range of industries to discuss best practices and uncover new insights into what it takes to effectively manage a brand. The goal for the Council is to help advance the work of CCOs by implementing a core education methodology focused on small group scenario work, peer-to-peer learning, and exposing CCOs to the best communications scholars and latest information.


Columbia University
tuesday, november 13, 2018
9 am – 5 pm



The Center on Global Brand Leadership creates, gathers, and shares insights on how to build and manage strong brands.

Combining the research and intellectual capital of academia's foremost thinkers on branding with real world business cases, the Center shows how all elements of an organization—from marketing and communications to supply chain and operations—can affect brands and their relationships with stakeholders.